Caterina Rago Dance Company

Labir Into

New York Live Arts Theater
Oct 6-8, 7:30pm

Labir Into named after “labirinto,” Italian for “labyrinth,” will investigate the challenge of finding your most authentic self, the center of your own personal labyrinth. Dancers oscillate between the dark and the ethereal, a contrast of broad sweeping gestures and controlled staccato movements—bobbing, swirling, weaving, coiling and uncoiling, boldly traveling across the space only to retreat again—interspersed with striking moments of introspective stillness. Dancers manifest their own internal explorations; a visceral narrative of self and searching will emerge.
Labir Into will feature set design by celebrated set and costume designer Pier Paolo Bisleri, also from Italy, who has created a descending stage labyrinth exclusively for this production; sculptor Designer Davide Di Donato, Costume Designer Karen Young and Lighting Designer Nick Hung.