Yanira Castro | a canary torsi

Last Audience

New York Live Arts Theater
Oct 16 – 20, 7:30 PM
Free with RSVP
Please Respect the Reservation

Last Audience is a work embodied by its audience–a live laboratory for the communal work of conjuring. Comprised of a set of unique scores written for each performance, the piece grapples with agency and manipulation, negotiating the individual and the collective inside a theatrical context. Drawing on language and themes from requiems and Greek classical tragedy on judgement and democratic formation, Last Audience moves inside the unstable space between the perfunctory and the transformative.

6:30 PM COMMUNE: A free, public meal before each performance hosted by special guests invited to contribute a dish, poem, story, dance.

At the request of the artist, the performances of Last Audience will be filmed and photographed. Due to the participatory nature of Last Audience, we will not be offering alternative seating to those who do not wish to be recorded. By reserving tickets and entering the space, you consent to being filmed and photographed. Documentation will be used at the discretion of the artist.

Additional support for Last Audience is provided by NYSCA Theater commission, New Music USA, and MAP Fund.

Live Arts encourages a culture of respect around our free programming. It’s easy to forget that, in reality, none of our events are “free” to produce. An engaged and supportive community of artists, scholars, foundations, individual donors, government agencies, sponsors, and partners have generously joined in our efforts to make various events accessible to all audiences without charge. We ask audiences to respect this collective effort and simply let us know if you cannot attend.

If you have a reservation, and will not be able to make the event for whatever reason, just let us know at least as soon as you can. You can reach the box office at 212.924.0077 or boxoffice@newyorklivearts.org; we will shower you with thanks and offer your ticket to another member of the community. Thank you for Respecting the Reservation!