Like a Vase

“Mr. Greenberg’s artistry resonates through its confluence of the random and the necessary; the continuous stream of motion in which no one moment is particularly important and each is beautiful.” – The New York Times

“I find the greatest value that can come from dance often arises from the most abstract aspects of the form. As a result, I’m more interested in ‘doing’ than ‘representing,’ and, specifically, ‘doing’ with the body.” – Neil Greenberg

Using extravagant and full-bodied dancing, Neil Greenberg’s (like a vase) explores the tensions created by the seemingly inescapable human desire to make meaning. Six dancers engage with complex and idiosyncratic movement material that serves as both a shifting object of contemplation and a vast container for redoubled meanings. (like a vase) will be performed with live original music composed by Zeena Parkins.