Liliana Dirks-Goodman


New York Live Arts Lobby
March 2020 – Present

The roughly 21′ x 7′ backdrop entitled Femmejoy was created in relation to Dirks-Goodman’s Open Spectrum: The Feminist Dinner Party: Present/Future at Live Arts on Sunday, March 8th. The artist has arranged flower imagery over Andy Warhol’s famous camouflage pattern. The flowers draw on iconic feminist art imagery that symbolizes female to female erotica, such vulvas, mouths, and tongues. Co-opting Warhol’s camouflage, Dirks-Goodman reclaims and reuses pop art references to Capitalist war iconography for the purpose of celebrating pleasure and giving visibility and agency to femme identity.
New York Live Arts’ Open Spectrum Community Dialogue Series provides space for reflection on the most vital issues facing communities today. Open Spectrum offers an intimate conversational platform founded on the belief that cultural institutions can and should be catalysts for societal transformation by participating in a world of ideas.