Live Artery: Clear & Sweet

New York Live Arts 3rd Floor Studios

Clear & Sweet is a new multi­-disciplinary performance incorporating dance, vocals and visuals resulting from an inquiry into Southern Baptist Sacred Harp Singing and Scofield’s complicated connection to her Southern roots.

Sacred Harp Singing is a form of spiritual a cappella choral singing founded in Southern Baptist churches and now practiced in secular groups. The strikingly raw singing – it only uses four notes and can be sung by anyone – caught Zoe’s attention while on a trip home to Georgia and has become a powerful lens for exploring the complexities of growing up in the South. Recognizing commonalities between Sacred Harp Singing and the company's work – a desire to bring about redemption through physical exertion and to allow for personal experiences of worship in the company of others – we will bring these unexpected synchronicities to the stage.