Brandon Powers Projects

Live Artery-DUET (Live VR experience)

Due to the recent pandemic developments and impact of the new variant, all in-person Live Artery events have been moved to a presenter dedicated digital program. Presenters click here.
Duet is a collaborative dance ritual in virtual reality. Following a year of isolation, the experience invites us to reconnect with our bodies by reconnecting with each other. By utilizing VR, a technology often considered isolating, participants reclaim the simple gesture of a handshake through an immersive choreographic experience. In pairs, participants adorn headsets and are guided by interactive music and light to connect and move, as an audience watches on. Together, their movement powers the experience and inspires them to create a unique music composition which climaxes in an impactful moment of physical connection. Both playful and meditative, DUET seeks to reimagine virtual reality as a space for embodied collaborative interaction and shift how we are accustomed to watching others move in a headset. 

There are two ways to experience this work-in-progress showing: as one of the VR participants, or as part of the live, out of headset, audience witnessing the dance. By watching from the outside, audiences witness two participants make a journey from strangers to collaborators to dance partners. Additionally, as two duets are conducted simultaneously, the audience witnesses as each pair negotiates the movement prompts differently.

Creative Director & Choreographer: Brandon Powers
Technical Director: Alisia Martinez
Producer: Lara Bucarey
Lead Developer: Aaron Santiago
Lead Audio Engineer: Michael Fewkes
Networking Developer: Nate Turley
Visual Effects Developer: Viji Rajaratnam
Music by: norvmbega

If you are purchasing a ticket as a VR participant: Be sure to wear comfortable footwear and arrive at the installation 10 minutes before the designated time. Please be advised that you will be holding a stranger’s hand during the performance so if you do not feel comfortable doing so, please purchase an audience ticket. Hand sanitizer will be required prior to participating and the virtual reality headsets will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before every presentation. We look forward to seeing you soon!