Live Artery: Light Years (working title) (work-in-progress)

New York Live Arts Studios
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Light Years (working title) (excerpt, premieres April 2015) is the “supremely talented” (The New York Times) Rashaun Mitchell’s newest work. Performed by Hiroki Ichinose, Cori Kresge, Silas Riener and Melissa Toogood, the work features sound by Michael Beharie and Corwin Lamm, lighting design by Davison Scandrett and costumes by Mitchell and Riener. Before my eyes are memories of evolution, consciousness, magic. Seen from great speeds. From outer space, out of past-present-future. We are lost in the in-between time. What is origin? We pass through. Inexplicable illusions. Other people. We do not know what is real. We emerge. Portals open. The suns converge, a shifting landscape. The drums can still be heard. The body holds so many generations, so many genetic mutations, and the world is too much with us. We travel so far, so long. We walk off the face of the earth. The body must become space, claim everything, continue to (r)evolve. We must give. How far reaching is the self to make the bridge? To make and unmake.