Compagnie Artistique Hakilisi Sigi

Live Artery – Until the Lion tells the Story, there is no glory (work-in-progress)

Due to the recent pandemic developments and impact of the new variant, all in-person Live Artery events have been moved to a presenter dedicated digital program. Presenters click here.
Until the lion tells the story, there is no glory ”At the commencement, KmT”

KmT is one of my greatest choreographic research, a tribute to the great African thinkers who inspired me on the African renaissance. This work is a vision, a wish, a portrayal of African renaissance with the knowledge of ancient Egypt, as a foundation of an African cultural unit. KmT is my way to envision a new Africa, my ongoing mission, to share Check Anta Diop, Joseph Ki-Zerbo’s and so on’s visions of a united Africa has seen through the lens of an African perspective. This piece is a research work based on the unparalleled civilization of ancient Egypt, the unimaginable knowledge of the Dogon on astronomy, and the Great Empires in Africa. I have the belief that forgetting and ignoring our history has led us to forget ourselves.  Working on this piece is way of conceiving an image of Africa that is only achievable with our endogenous knowledge of Ancient Egypt up to Mandingo Empire. We should remember the resistance of Shaka, and honor the values of the multiplicity of African culture.  Quote from YY “A better world can’t be achieved without African values, Without the indigenous knowledge of Africa otherwise our world would be amputated”. He who sleeps on another person’s mat, sleeps on the floor. Work-in-progress