Mimi Garrard Dance Company

Live Dance & Video with Austin Selden

New York Live Arts Theater
May 26th at 7:30 PM
$5 / $10 / $20

The Mimi Garrard Dance Company will present a concert of live dance and video at New York Live Arts May 26, 2019.
Three premieres will be presented: a new work by Austin Selden and two new works by Mimi Garrard: Selfie and Cosmic Man, featuring Austin Selden.

Also on the program is A Little Madness directed by Mimi Garrard and featuring Austin Selden which was first performed at New York Live Arts November 11, 2018.

The program explores time and our time.  Selfie presents the egotistic man and Cosmic Man presents a universal cosmic man. A Little Madness Then and Now presents a contemporary environment that is odd and unstable with quotes from The Bells by Edgar Allan Poe.  Directed by Mimi Garrard it is improvised in part by Austin Selden.

The program presented at New York Live Arts on November 12, 2017 by Mimi Garrard and Friends was truly a presentation of Mimi’s mastery of the art of video dance making, and her excellent skill at forming motion.”
– Ruth Grauert in Bearnstow Journal

“Mimi Garrard and Dancers at the New York Live Arts displayed her creativity and a mind that is ever open to experimentation.”
– Joel Benjamin in Theater Scene