Selected works – Curating the End of The World & Red Spring

INTERSPACE – Live Arts Virtual Environment
Wed, May 12 @ 7pm-9pm (EST)
Thurs, May 13, 7pm-9pm (EST)
Free w/ RSVP

INTERSPACE opens on May 12 featuring selected works from the first two installments of Live Arts’ previously unveiled massive online exhibitions presented by BSAM:Curating the End of the World (organizers Dr. Reynaldo Anderson, Tiffany E. Barber and Stacey Robinson) and Red Spring (organized by Anderson with curators Danielle L. Littlefield, Sheree Renée Thomas, and Dacia Polk);
Curating the End of The World exhibition brings together an international cadre of artists whose work responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-black violence, climate change, poor governance, trans-humanism, and an accelerating, technologically driven economic system on the verge of collapse, organized by Dr. Reynaldo Anderson, Tiffany E. Barber and Stacey Robinson with the Black Speculative Arts Movement. Follow-up exhibition Red Spring is dedicated to a pioneering forerunner of Afrofuturist art Algernon Miller and explores the circular nature of systemic racism and the public policies—public safety, health, and wealth—that adversely impact Black and indigenous communities – organized by Anderson, and curated by Sheree Renée Thomas, Danielle L. Littlefield, and Dacia Polk with Black Speculative Arts Movement. Select artists seen in Interspace include BLACKMAU, La’Nora Boror, S. Ross Browne, Gerardo Castro, Nettrice Gaskins, Zeal Harris, Winifred Hawkins, John Jennings, Algernon Miller, Mahwyah Milton, Stacey Robinson, tobias c. van Veen & ZiggZaggerZ , and Quentin Vercetty.