Live Ideas: Films by Kamal Aljafaru

New York Live Arts Theater

The haunting films of Kamal Aljafari mix documentary, fiction and personal memoir to render complex portaits. Pointedly political, Aljafari’s films wonderfully embed their ideology into a cinematic poetry graced by light humor.
Recollection (2015, 70 minutes, Palestine/Germany) 
The Israeli and American features shot in the town of Jaffa from the 60s to the 90s are the basis for the story of a dream. All protagonists are removed from the original footage, leaving an empty setting formed by the town. Thus, the impossible is made possible from the “I” perspective, namely filming the past and compiling a picture album made of memories. 

Visit Iraq (2003, 26 minutes, Palestine/Germany)
A humorous look at the rumors surrounding an Iraqi Airways agency in Geneva, which has remained mysteriously abandoned since 1990.