Live Ideas: Master Ren: Taijiquan Demonstration and Panel Featuring Lou Reed’s Drones

Master Ren, who Lou Reed studied Taijiquan with, will host a demonstration of this technique accompanied by Lou Reed’s DRONES. A panel discussion will follow that features Master Ren and a number of his notable students including  Sarth Calhoun, Hsia-Jung Chang, Ren Guangyi, Amanda Harmon, Jonathan Miller, Bill O'Connor, Dan Richman and Tony Visconti. 

A Chinese internal martial art system that dates back approximately 400 years, Taijiquan was founded by a former Ming general, Chen Wang-Ting. As exercise, Taijiquan promotes health and relaxation through a series of continuous, flowing movements while providing powerful tools for self-defense. Chen Style Taijiquan is noted for its fluid, coiling movements, punctuated with quick bursts of energy. It is the original style of Taijiquan, from which all the other styles (like Yang and Wu) ultimately derive.

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