Live Ideas: Masterclass with Adham Hafez

New York Live Arts Theater

The history of choreography and performance in the Arabic speaking region lives within reciprocal gazes, alternative emotional and physical states, and a movement practice that is centralized on pleasure. In this master class, choreographer, performer and theorist Adham Hafez will be performing with the attendees strategies of performative communication, mutual pleasure, self-pleasure and ecstasy as modes of producing a dance/performance space and experience. The notion ‘sultana’ -unique to Arab performance practices, will be explored, performed, rearticulated and shared through voice, movement and gazes.
Adham Hafez taught contemporary dance and performance studies internationally including American University in Cairo and the Cairo Opera House Modern Dance School (Egypt), Impulstanz (Austria), and Konstfak (Sweden). He has set up several dance and performance pedagogic processes including HADS in Cairo. Awarded choreographer and composer, he continues to be run his internationally touring performance company based in Cairo, and currently he is a PhD candidate at New York University.