Live Ideas: Noon-Time Talk Series: Vito Acconci WORD/ACT/SIGN/DE-SIGN

Join artist and designer Vito Acconci for a jumble of poems, projections and sound in WORD/ACT/SIGN/DE-SIGN.  A mix of: 1) snippets, early poems; followed by: 2) Acconci projections, body; followed by: 3) improvised talk, Acconci, now & then; followed by: 4) voices, 70’s sound-tracks; followed by: 5) quick readings, essays; followed by: 6) Acconci-Studio projections, architecture/design; followed by: 7) more improvised talk, Acconci, here & there; followed by: 3, & then by 1, & then by 7, & then by 5, & then by 2, & then by 6, & then by 4, etc…

Vito Acconci’s design & architecture comes from another direction, from backgrounds of writing & art. His poems in the late 60’s treated language as matter (words to look at rather than through) & the page as a field to travel over; his performances in the early 70’s helped shift art from object to interaction; later in the 70’s, his installations turned museums & galleries into interactions between spaces & people; in the early 80’s, his architectural-units were meant to be transformed by users. By the late 80’s his work crossed over & he formed Acconci Studio, a design firm that mixes poetry & geometry, computer-scripting & sentence-structure, narrative & biology, chemistry & social-science. 

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