Live Ideas: Re:Awakenings (Film)

Across the entire 1969-70 period as the young Dr. Sacks worked with the remarkable “human statues” at Beth Abraham hospital in the Bronx, bringing them suddenly back to life through his administrations of the drug L- Dopa—the story he would go on to chronicle a few years later in his masterpiece Awakenings—he was filming his patients’ developments the entire while. Recently a box containing seventeen reels of super-8 footage, over six hours’ worth, resurfaced, and New York Live Arts commissioned Bill Morrison, the master behind Decasia and other such classic quickenings of long lost filmstock, to fashion a brief lyric distillation of the Sacks trove.

The film will be shown as part of each of the Re:Awakenings events.

Thursday, April 18
8 – 9:10pm Re:Awakenings (Dance)

Friday, April 19
8 – 9:10pm Re:Awakenings (Music)

Saturday, April 20
4 – 5:10pm Re:Awakenings (Dance)
8 – 10pm Re:Awakenings (Theater)

Sunday, April 21
3:30 – 5:30 Re:Awakenings (Theater)