Love Re-Defined (1996)

Daniel Johnston’s innocent, childlike songs cue the creation of another world on stage where dancers exist as both sophisticated movers and human beings in their most simple, unpretentious, and hopeful state.  Mr. Jones’ distinct style is evident here, drawing freely from classical ballet, investigations of gesture and shape, and his own complex understanding of the versatility of the human spine. 

Choreographer: Bill T. Jones
Music: Daniel Johnston
Cast size: 9 (based on 5 men and 4 women)
Length: 30 minutes

    Skills Developed:

  • • Fluidly accessing and merging a wide range of movement vocabularies
  • • Partnering and full-bodied weight-sharing
  • • Negotiating a performance presence that employs a considered balance of self as person and self as dancer
  • • Stamina and focus performing across 30 minutes

    Complementary Classes:

  • • Technique/movement investigation focusing on fusing a wide range of movement styles
  • • Partnering

    Excerpts reconstructed at:

  • • The American Dance Festival
  • • Princeton University
  • • Montclair State University


“ADF students performed Love Re-Defined during ADF's 80th Anniversary season. It was a beautiful and challenging work for the dancers and audiences. I think most people were struck by how relevant the work was and continues to be; specific moments throughout the work took on its original motivations and yet simultaneously brought to light current happenings in our world. A powerful work, incredible performance, and night to remember. Thank you for the opportunity to share this work with the ADF Community. “
-Jodee Nimerichter, ADF Director
“Mr. Jones uses the idea that everyone has a voice that should be shared. I think the material and methods of working make the dancers and audience want to be more engaged in the world around them, and help them to put more love out into the earth.” 
–ADF Cast Member