New York Live Arts Theater
JAN 25-27, 8PM
FEB 1-3, 8PM
FEB 8-10, 8PM

LUMBERYARD In The CityWinter Festival at New York Live Arts

Dana Reitz
FEB 8-10, 8PM

Dana Reitz, choreographer, dancer and visual artist, often uses silence as a means to reveal the musical nuance of movement itself.  On her own and in her collaborations with lighting artists such as Beverly Emmons, James Turrell, and extensively, Jennifer Tipton, she has pioneered the use of light as a physical partner. Her woven movement and light scores — essential, spare and fleeting — create a continually shifting perception of time and space.

LUMBERYARD’s performances are part of New York Live Arts’ Live Arts PLUS Partners program, designed to allow missioned-aligned performing arts organizations access to state-of-the-art facilities.