MADCO performs MILLS/works


The St. Louis-based Modern American Dance Company (MADCO) performs an evening of works by former company member Joseph Mills. Mills performed with MADCO from 1981-1987, was a member of MOMIX and The Erick Hawkins Dance Company, and has been performing and choreographing independently since 1990. Since 2000, Mills has frequently returned to St. Louis to create works for the company, and in this program MADCO will perform three of his works. The first, Reflections in the Well of Solace, is a meditation on grief and transformation and is in part, a response to the tragedies of 9-11. Scheduled to create a new work for the company in late 2001, the entire country was riveted by the horrifying events. This work emerged as a healing act with the dancers, reconstructing movements of unspeakable grief, and transforming them into movements of healing, even joy. The second work, Getting Lucky: Secret Moments in the Natural World, is a musing on the world of animal documentaries, and imagines a zany menagerie of exotic creatures and their sexual proclivities. The third piece is a world premiere, showcasing MADCO’s versatility as both theatrical storytellers and dancer/athletes of the highest level. Working from selkie myths of Celtic lore, dancers play with gravity and create illusions of weightlessness and weave a narrative, ranging from self-indulgence, to melancholic longing, to playful and joyful celebration. Mills will also dance on the program, reprising his performance of Alan Boeding’s audience favorite, Circle Walker.
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