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Two pillars of Austin's exploding performing arts scene—Rude Mechs, known for their eclectic and “remarkable” (New York Magazine) performance experiments spanning nearly 20 years, and Deborah Hay, the acclaimed choreographer with a “mischievous sense of play” (The New York Times)—are at the heart of Match-Play, a big-stakes play created by Rude Mechs and adapted from Hay’s New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award winning dance, The Match (2004). A haunting, sometimes hysterical yet sincere meditation on consciousness, Match-Play collages liminal texts from the notebooks of preeminent theater artist Richard Foreman with Ms. Hay’s written score and original text by Kirk Lynn. With Rude Mechs’ trademark penchant for slapstick and innovative staging, Match-Play hovers between hallucination and insight, tackling the overarching frame for Ms. Hay’s “handsome” (The New York Times) work: “What if every cell in the body has the potential to perceive all time and space as unique and original. And it’s no big deal.” The result is a tragicomic coaster ride exploring our cultural need for spectacle, our preoccupation with novelty and our ability (or inability) to connect the ordinary moments of life with the extraordinariness of living. Featuring SITI Company’s Barney O’Hanlon, don't miss Rude Mechs’ quirky and meditative exploration of the depths (and shallows) of the human mind.