Vanessa Anspaugh : mourning after mornings


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mourning after mornings



Inspired by early & contemporary death and grieving rituals, three archetypal female outcasts (facing their own aging bodies) tell an ancient story that is also the present. Narrative and time is constructed and deconstructed in cyclical reverie. This seasoned cast of performers (and younger ghosts) explore communal loss and mourning, reclaiming wildness, as they attend to the devastating, absurd, and sacred ways we come to care for bodies and ritualize endings. mourning after mornings is being made in collaboration with Anna Azrieli, Rebecca Serrell, maura nguyễn donohue, along with composer Leslie Alison, and lighting designer Kathy Couch.

Present and past collaborators on this work include: maura nguyễn donohue, Anna Azrieli, Becky Serrell-CyrLaura Ousterhaus Rostentone, Jo Warren, C Anthony-Green, Umechi Born, Pia, Kathy Couch, Leslie Allison and Mike Mikos.

Check out the teaser for the piece below!

About the Artist:
Vanessa Anspaugh