Dardo Galletto Dance


New York Live Arts Theater
SEP 22 & 23 at 7:30pm
$25/$20 Student, Senior

The program includes two Acts; the first is primarily Contemporary Dance and the second is Tango.
Part one, titled Myself, depicts the journey of one’s exploration of self. How does one become more in touch with their own body, emotions, or subconscious? What interactions define us and bring us joy? We must lose our sense of self in order to discover more about ourselves in the end. There must, first, be inner chaos, a drive to rip free, and finally a breaking point before one can discover what it takes to have true internal happiness.

Part two, the Tango, visualizes the shared soul of two dancers. It portrays both the bliss and challenges the dancers face in finding another person with whom they can share dance and love. Drama is created by the combination of the dynamic lead and follow of the partners, the intricate and soulful cry of the music, and the intimate embrace of the dancers. Tango is a pure expression of two souls connecting to compose one real love.

Pictured above: Elisa Toro, and Alonso Guzman