Open Spectrum: Artist as Activist: Futuring the Face of Protest

How do we push the social justice movement past reactive to proactive strategic planning? What are some actionable steps we can take to create effective change within our local communities? What can artists and cultural institutions do in the midst of civil unrest?

Open Spectrum Twitter chat—the digital component for this talk—will take place from 1-2pm on February 18. The public is invited to participate in the twitter chats by tweeting their questions and comments with the hashtag “#OpenSpectrumNYC.”

Moderator: Piper Anderson, Consultant; Arts, Education & Community Engagement
Jenny Koons, Director, Activist, Co-Creator of Artists 4 Change
George Sanchez, Professor, Artist, Director of EmergeNYC
Syreeta McFadden, Poet, Editor, Photographer, Educator

Will feature a special welcome introductory performance by vocalist, composer, cultural worker Imani Uzuri
On view in the Live Arts' Lobby: Harry Belafonte on James Baldwin 
Harry Belafonte and Bill T. Jones discuss an array of topics ranging from radical humanism, queerness, and marginalization. The screening will take place from 3-7pm
Open Spectrum Critical Dialogues is an intimate conversational platform that engages participants in active listening, constructive discourse, and action planning. Spanning over the course of three months (February to April, 2015), we encourage audiences and invited panelists to engage in critical discussions pertinent to the present moment. Open Spectrum is where our creative community comes together to responsibly voice opinions, raise questions, and share resources. We invite artists, educators, scholars, curators, and activists to join us for these timely and integral conversations.