Open Spectrum Critical Community Dialogues: Proxy Girls with Noura Murad

New York Live Arts Theater
Mar 21 at 7:30pm

Proxy Girls: Performance + Dialogue with Noura Murad (Syria)
A very special event blending the worlds of Syria with downtown NYC Worlds move beyond borders…When a dancer’s body is politicized beyond the dancer’s agency, and borders are erected at each step s/he takes, can we still dance together? Commissioned by HaRaKa, ‘Proxy Girls’ is a performed research on borders, distances, and constricted choreographies, inviting leading Syrian choreographer Noura Murad and Leish Troupe to move a few downtown’s most dynamic dancers in New York City through distant written and recorded scores from their home in Syria where they are unable to leave. Bodies held worlds apart come together on this evening to rethink distance as a possibility for intimacy, followed by an open dialogue on borders and their manifestation in our working lives.

New York Live Arts Studio

Produced in Association with MAPP International Productions and Critical Partner, Culturebot.

An intimate conversational platform founded on the belief that cultural institutions can and should be a catalyst for societal transformation by participating in a world of ideas, Open Spectrum provides a space for community dialogue on the most vital issues facing our community today, engaging participants in active listening, constructive discourse and action planning. Topics will be announced in the fall to allow the conversations to respond to current moments in social, economic and political discourse.