Open Spectrum Critical Community Dialogues

Faces of Resistance: Young, Organized & Unified (#FORYOU)

Produced in Association with MAPP International Productions and Critical Partner, Culturebot

Curated by MAPP International Productions

The first of five season-wide events in New York Live Arts’ Open Spectrum series of community dialogues is dedicated to recognizing the current creative and social resistance movements in America responding to everything from Police Brutality to Mass Incarceration to Mass Deportation. Faces of Resistance: Young, Organized & Unified (#FORYOU) is a public forum that serves as a gathering of trailblazers who have started various movements in response to injustice in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charleston, and The Dominican Republic. #FORYOU is intended to take the audience and participants on an inquiry-based journey through the questions: Who are the people behind these movements? What prompted their responses? How do they convene? What are some practices we can share to organize? What does victory look like?

Moderated by Grace Ali, Founder/Editorial Director, Of Note magazine, with Baba Israel, Writer/Performer/Hip Hop Activist, Allen Kwabena Frimpong, Black Lives Matter, Niegel Smith, Willing Participant & Flea Theatre, Jamillah Lemieux, Journalist at Ebony Magazine, Beatrice Anderson, Harriet's Apothecary and Ayiti Ressurect.