Knowing that Your House is On Fire- New paintings by Jonathan Allen

New York Live Arts Lobby
March 2018 – April 2018

New large-scale mixed-media works on denim inspired by and responding to the physical processes of making dance, and collaborating across disciplines.
Opening MAR 7, 5–7pm

Jonathan Allen works in painting, collage, video, and performance and frequently collaborates with poets and performers. He will be performing in Joanna Kotze’s evening length work, ‘What will we be like when we get there’, premiering at New York Live Arts March 28–31.

Other current projects include INTERRUPTIONS, a series of ad interventions in New York City subway stations, which seeks to interrupt the language of advertising with imagery from our current political predicament, viewable on instagram @jonathanallenstudio.

Image: ‘Acid’, mixed media on denim, 52 x 64 inches, 2018