Paradis (OFF-SITE)

“Castro specializes in work that feels more like a personal encounter than a performance, creating environments that don’t allow audience members the option of viewing from a safe distance.” – Michelle Vellucci, Flavorwire

Paradis unfolds at twilight in two locations within the Brooklyn Botanic Garden: the dramatic Desert House in the Steinhardt Conservatory, and the famed Cherry Esplanade. Inspired by the final section of Jean-Luc Godard’s 2004 film, Notre Musique, by the same name, Paradis—Paradis continues Castro’s exploration of the space between the performer and audience member. A stark and fragile solo opens the show, followed by eight dancers whose movement through the open Esplanade heightens the solitary otherness of the landscape at night. The audience informs the work as their movement is tracked to generate the sound, light and movement environment that they inhabit.

Paradis is a performance and audio installation with live piano performed by Michael Dauphinais, featuring performers Peggy Cheng, Simon Courchel, Shayla-Vie Jenkins, Luke Miller, Peter Schmitz (soloist), Stuart Singer, Darrin Wright, Pamela Vail, and Kimberly Young, with sound design by Stephan Moore. Paradis marks Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s first site-specific dance project in its 100 year history.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Desert House in the Steinhardt Conservatory and the Cherry Esplanade
1000 Washington Avenue
B or Q to Prospect Park
2 or 3 to Eastern Parkway