Partnering Workshop

In this workshop we will explore partnered dancing and dance making as exercised in the training and repertory of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company.

Historically and spiritually rooted in the convention-defying partnership of Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane, the company’s approach to partnering is informed by over thirty years of rigorous investigation into the dynamic possibilities of physical relationship in art.

In an atmosphere of curiosity, warmth and constructive risk-taking, participants will be exposed to approaches to partnering founded in personal, interpersonal, and spatial awareness; deep kinesthetic sensitivity; and the intellectual and embodied understanding of the physical dynamics of weight, structure, and momentum. Diving in with the company’s highly collaborative working style, we will explore it’s creative methodologies and work with generative structures inspired by those used in the Company’s repertory, past and present.​