Kathy Westwater

Rambler, Worlds Worlds A Part

New York Live Arts Theater
Feb 14 – 16 at 7:30 PM
Tickets start $15/$20

A co-presentation with Lumberyard Center for Film & Performing Arts
In her latest evening-length work Rambler, Worlds Worlds A Part choreographer Kathy
Westwater extends her exploration, which began over twenty years ago, of pain and the body,
including the pain of others. Here Westwater invites the dance artists in the work to explore
their personal experiences of pain and trauma.

While contemplating if it is possible to fully communicate the experience of one’s own
pain—and its opposite, bliss—or to fully know another’s, the cast of dancers responds to and
celebrates the profound music of post-minimalist composer Julius Eastman.

Choreographed by Kathy Westwater in collaboration with
the performers
Directed by Kathy Westwater
Performed by Ilona Bito, Thomas F. DeFrantz, Alex Romania,
Rakia Seaborn, Stacy Lynn Smith, Paul Singh, and Kathy Westwater
Music by Julius Eastman, performed by Joseph Kubera and
Adam Tendler, with Patrick Gallagher and others; and
M. Lamar, performed by M. Lamar
Set and Visual Design by Seung Jae Lee
Lighting Design by Roderick Murray
Costumes by fufu
Dramaturgy by Melanie George