Rachna Nivas

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine

New York Live Arts Theater
June 1 and June 2, 7:30pm
Tickets are $38

Rachna Nivas’ newest work-in-progress personifies the dark and mystical realm of tantra and its radical hailing of supreme feminine power – transcendent knowledge of non-duality realized only through full submersion into her duality. She is intoxicating and terrifying, ascetic and erotic, loving and rageful. She is the force that binds us and the force that sets us free.

Through kathak dance, live music, special lighting and set design, this work will haunt, provoke, and enchant while illuminating a woman’s treacherous path to transforming her shadows and reclaiming her wild limitless nature.

Original musical score composed by Jayanta Banerjee.

Featuring live musical artists:
Jayanta Banerjee, sitar|
Jay Gandhi, bansuri flute
Satyaprakash Misra, tabla
Jake Charkey, cello