New York Live Arts Theater
May 19, 7:30pm
Student $20 / Full $35

Simultaneity is the expression of a multi disciplinary collaboration between contemporary dance, visual arts, poetry, music and multi-media. Miriam Barbosa, former Martha Graham Dancer and former USC Dance Professor, presents her most recent work Simultaneity premiered in Boulder, Colorado performed by Ms. Barbosa and former Martha Graham Principal Dancer Jennifer DePalo Peterson. This work reflects the portals to past and future happening simultaneously, breaking the barriers of time and space consequently meeting in the present inspired by the newest series of paintings by Marika Popovits and its respective poems by James O’Dea to original music by Peter Graef. The evening will close with the re-staging of Enter The Luminous, a poetic moving meditation also reflected in Marika Popovits’ paintings and James O’Dea’s poetry capturing the audience’s heart through their eyes transporting them into a state of light and peaceful consciousness and away from the chaos of the contemporary world; choreographed in partnership with former Paul Taylor Dancer Francisco Graciano, performed by Miriam and Giacomo Bavutti to music by John Stone. All multi-media design by Marcela Bragagnolo.
All artists will close the evening with Q&A on stage sharing the full experience of this work of art and its development process and impact with the audience.