Spent Days Out Yonder (2000)

Spent Days Out Yonder is excerpted from You Walk?, Mr. Jones’ poetic rumination on the influence of Latin culture on the New World. The work reflects the beauty and restraint of Mozart’s String Quartet No. 23 and infuses it with a subtle wit and postmodern structure that allows dancers to move in and out of the phrase of their own accord. The movement is firmly rooted in Mr. Jones’ elegant, weighted physical vocabulary that challenges dancers to move with ease, efficiency, and physical honesty.

Choreographer: Bill T. Jones
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Cast size: 8-10
Length: 10 minutes

    Skills developed:

  • • Learning task-based movement
  • • Skeletal, precise execution of movement
  • • Negotiating difficult movement material in the context of a structure that includes improvisation

    Complementary classes:

  • • Technique/movement investigation of task-based movement
  • • Improvisation in group structures

    Recently reconstructed at:

  • • Montclair State University
  • • SUNY Purchase
  • • Loyola Marymount University
  • • Codarts Rotterdam
  • • Ailey/Fordham B.F.A. Program


“Learning and performing Spent Days Out Yonder was a wonderful experience for our students, both challenging and rewarding, as it taught them to pay attention to every detail of the movement and to be consistent and precise with the timing while at the same time making their decisions within the given improvisational structure.”
 Wallie Wolfgruber, Director of the Conservatory of Dance, SUNY Purchase