Splendors and Miseries of (Un)conscious thoughts: A story of psychology, neuroscience and live performance

French neuroscientist Lionel Naccache discusses conscious and unconscious cognition. Following the talk, French company Oh ! Oui… (Joachim Latarjet and Alexandra Fleischer) will perform Songs for My Brain, a performance based on the research of Lionel Naccache. Songs for My Brain explores the power of the mind which at any given moment is creating fiction and inventing scenarios — What tomorrow will bring? What your friend thinks of you? What was that ruckus you heard last night? — in a never-ending stream of thought provoking stories that fuel our consciousness.

This event is presented as part of “Walls and Bridges,” a 10-day French-American arts and ideas festival curated by the Villa Gillet, a French cultural institute interested in thought in all its expressions, bringing together thinkers and artists from all over the world; and is co-presented with Les Subsistances, an international laboratory for live arts based in Lyon, France. villagillet.net

*Please note that Daniel Kahneman, who was originally scheduled to be a part of the discussion with Lionel Naccache, is unable to participate due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict.