Studio Series: Jumatatu Poe and Jesse Zaritt

In-Process talks moderated by Donna Faye Burchfield and Craig T. Peterson

Mutually interested in ideas of queerness and heroism, Poe and Zaritt work toward the creation of a performance world that explores danger, questioning the contrast between closeness and loneliness, and sincerity versus hyperbole. Initiated by the desire to see what happens when two strangers create work together, their creative process involves personal self-discovery within the framework of a partnership; exploring the meaning of ‘self’ within the context of the duet form. Through movement, Poe and Zaritt approach one another’s moving bodies as unknown entities, questioning the image of the superhero and juxtaposing it with that of its antithesis: the failure, the victim, the fallen.

Studio Series receives generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the Foundation For Contemporary Arts, and The Puffin Foundation.