Suitcase Fund Research Presentation by Marijana Cvetković Marković (Serbia) and Miki Braniste (Romania)

The Suitcase Fund’s winter/spring events continue in April, with a Research Presentation by Marijana Cvetković Marković from Serbia and Miki Braniste from Romania on Tuesday, April 15 at 6:00pm. Visiting from STATION Service for Contemporary Dance in Serbia and Nomad Dance Academy, a network of Balkan arts professionals, Cvetković Marković will conduct a two-week research residency in NYC from April 5 – 20. Her research has the goal to improve knowledge, develop information flow between New York, Serbia and the Balkan Region and establish artistic and institutional partnerships for new projects. The information gathered will be instrumental in the development of STATION’s new programs in contemporary dance as well as for the university course taught by Cvetković Marković.

Miki Braniste, director of the TEMPS D’IMAGES Festival Cluj, Romania will be in NYC from April 12 – 26 through the Gabriela Tudor Fellowship, created by the Gabriela Tudor Foundation and hosted in partnership with Allyson Green & New York University/Tisch School for the Arts. Braniste will present the dynamics of the independent performing arts scene in Romania, connecting the development of the artistic scene with the social transformation of contemporary Romania. The fragility of the local democracy is reflected in the issues presented in the performances but also in the production work. So, can the artistic scene develop beyond the political and economic scene? Can an artist be only an artist? Because these questions are appropriate beyond the current context in Romania, her research during this residency will take into account New York political art history and also today’s arts movements. Braniste is interested in meeting artists engaged in the social development of their community, to discover not only success stories but also productive failures that can inspire. (The second part of the Gabriela Tudor Fellowship project involves U.S. artist Catherine Galasso going to Bucharest, Romania for two-weeks from June 15 – 29.)