Suitcase Fund: Thami Manekehla & Thabiso Pule (South Africa)Geographic Translations Workshop

Presented in partnership with Movement Research Festival Spring 2014: fallow time
Geographic Translations Workshop

Join South African artists and activists Thabiso Heccius Pule and Thami Manekehla, currently in NYC through the Suitcase Fund, in an artistic exploration and improvisation to live a greener and healthier life style. As choreographers, they have travelled, often on public transportation or on foot, interviewing, documenting and performing in public spaces. Their intimate interactions with the people bring into relief the reality of global warming and its challenges.

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Thami Manekehla and Thabiso Pule's participation is funded by the Suitcase Fund of New York Live Arts as part of the Africa and Middle East Cultural Partnerships program, supported by the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation.