Young Dance Collective

The Family Project

New York Live Arts Theater
Jan 19 & 20 at 7:30pm
$20 Adults
$10 Children under 12

The second generation of YDC is very excited to be presenting its second full evening of original work, The Family Project.
The Family Project is based on family dynamics, relationships, and ancestry at a time when there are a myriad of changes happening in these young people’s individual families and in the world around them.

The dancers have spent the past year delving into their family history and through the process, have emerged with a more nuanced understanding of family and what it means to have one. Last November, YDC presented a work in progress showing at MassMOCA, which informed the continued creation of The Family Project. Through this first presentation, they recognized how relatable the topic of family was not only through the shared experiences they discovered within the group, but also how these stories reached their audience.

Collaboration, self expression, transformation, and friendship—Young Dance Collective was built on these cornerstones, and the result has been unlike any other in dance.

Please Join these amazing young artists as they explore the nature and meaning of family in a deeply personal and creative performance. Donate to our Kickstarter today!