The Same Eyes as Yours

New York Live Arts Theater
MAY 8, 7PM
Tickets $15/$20

In this audacious first solo work, luminous dancer Anne Plamondon dares to take on the subject of mental illness. In collaboration with actress, author, and director Marie Brassard, she superimposes realities to offer an almost panoramic view of this gripping theme. She becomes, alternately, a lost man—dislocated personality who manifests coexisting and successive abnormal states, verbal delirium, and incoherent behavior—and a woman, witness to the shipwreck, who sees the shimmering mirage of the line that separates insanity from “normality.” The dancer also incarnates the afflicted man’s fleeting memory of the person he was before tilting into madness. Touching in her fragility, she explores the grey zones that inhabit us and cause us suffering, the incomprehension of others, and the body, too small to contain limitless thought. In The Same Eyes as Yours, she draws us, body and soul, into a poetic dance-theatre performance, inviting us to contemplate these troubling mental struggles.
Runtime: approx 1 hour