There is so much mad in me

“Driscoll…has a reputation for serious provocation. She makes spectators squirm, and there’s an uneasy edge to the laughter she elicits in exploring our dark pent up, raging urges.” – The Village Voice

“I devise multi-dimensional dance dramas that blur the lines between fantasy and reality, arousal and disgust, fun and violence, spectacle and authenticity.” – Faye Driscoll

After a week of sold out shows this past spring, Faye Driscoll’s There is so much mad in me returns to Dance Theater Workshop for four nights only. An examination of shifting states of consciousness as choreography, There is so much mad in me, asks how we feel and connect in this time of over stimulation and look at me distraction. Investigating ritual from torture to religious rapture, There is so much mad in me lives within the similarities between polar extremes. What are the fine lines between the abject and the sublime, voyeurism and empathy, entertainment and reality?