New York Live Arts Theater
October 26 – 29, 7:30pm
Runtime: 90 mins
This project was created in collaboration with Adrianna Thompson of SOULSKIN DANCE and Javier Dzul of DZUL DANCE

Three For The World is an artistic production premiering works by contemporary choreographers Miriam Barbosa, Adrianna Thompson and Javier Dzul. In a challenging world with much need for the arts to enhance perception and consciousness, the three artists found a common thread through the medium of dance. They express different points of view and yet they are very connected through the bodies of their ensemble members on stage. This performance is a gift to a generation in crucial times.

About The Artists
Miriam Barbosa, MIRIAM BARBOSA DANCE Artistic Director – Ms Barbosa’s artistic projects include multi disciplinary collaborations with visual artists, musicians and poets. Inspired by anti gravitational sensorial experience, she utilizes aerial dance techniques in her choreographies, adding multidimensional depth to contemporary dance, to enhance the audience’s perception and consciousness. Since the pandemic, she has been exploring the use of sacred instruments to movement transforming her dance into healing arts.
Adrianna Thompson, SOULSKIN DANCE Artistic Director – She has been choreographing new works for over 25 years and she is devoted to investigating the influences that shape our society. She uses the language of movement as her form of communication in hopes for the healing power of dance to inspire and encourage compassion and tolerance in our complex and often divided world.
Javier Dzul, DZUL DANCE Artistic Director – Originally from Mexico, Javier’s work fuses dance, aerial arts and contortion as a means to communicate indigenous pre-Hispanic culture. By transforming bodies into earthbound and airborne forces of nature, Dzul breaks physical and cultural boundaries.