Kimberly Bartosik/daela

through the mirror of their eyes (Live Artery In-Progress)

New York Live Arts Studios
Jan 11th at 5 pm
40 Minutes
Tickets start at $10
Presenters RSVP here.

2019 Guggenheim Fellow Kimberly Bartosik creates viscerally provocative, ferociously intimate choreographic projects that carve out a space for criticism and compassion while tenderly and violently etching away at deeply distressing threads of our society.

Created on the heels of I hunger for you (2018), Bartosik’s new work,  through the mirror of their eyes, brims with compassion and violence. The piece begins inside of a storm. A crowd of children runs through. They know which way to go: they are the bearers of direction. Featuring the extraordinary Joanna Kotze, Dylan Crossman, Burr Johnson and a trio of young performers, the piece is infused with reminders of time, its wild rush forward, its holding patterns, and our abilities to navigate pathways of destruction and renewal.

Premieres March 4-7 2020 at New York Live Arts