Holland Andrews


New York Live Arts Studios

unSurrendered is an evening-length musical performance by composer, vocalist, clarinetist, and Holland Andrews where they examine the dissonance of being stuck in a pattern of suffering and how we may not trust the way through it, or even feel that we don’t deserve freedom from it. We often hear the term “unlearning” in the context of changing thought patterns that don’t align with what we feel is true. But what parts of ourselves are we returning to when we “unlearn” something? Is where we land after we release a cycle of conflict without peace? By using extended technique voice and clarinet processed through electronics, unSurrendered is meant to abstractly interpret the paradox of wanting peace and not trusting its existence, validate the mistrust we have developed for how to find peace, and within it all, create a vessel of hope of being open to the possibility available to us.