Ellen Robbins | Dances By Very Young Choreographers

Jan 26, 2PM & Jan 27, 1pm & 4pm
Alumni Concert: jan 26, 730PM

$15/$10 Youth

Alexandra Chasin & Zishan Ugurlu | Live Feed In-Process - Fragments, Lists, & Lacunae

@New York Live Arts Studios

Feb 8 at 6pm

Tickets start at $10

Photo: Oskar Eustis, Bill T. Jones
Bill Chats: Oskar Eustis

@New York Live Arts Studios

FEB 11, 7pm

Tickets start at $10

Kathy Westwater | Rambler, Worlds Worlds A Part

Feb 14 - 16 at 7:30 PM

Tickets start $15/$20

Photo: Erik Carter
Jaamil Olawale Kosoko | Live Feed In-Process - Chameleon

@New York Live Arts Studios

MAR 1, 6pm

Tickets start at $10


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Live Feed In-Progress: "Fragments, Lists & Lacunae" | Feb 8, 6 PM

Alexandra Chasin and Zishan Ugurlu’s "Fragments, Lists & Lacunae" is a multi-media production focusing on three college students who are grappling with their own blind spots as well as the (resonant) concepts in a course entitled “Fragments, Lists, & Lacunae.” In each scene, a professor presents material on absence, silence, negation and nothingness; examples range from the 18-minute gap in Nixon’s White House tapes, to Sappho’s poetry, Swiss cheese, and the politics of “disappearance.” On both conceptual and subjective planes, students, professor, and audience re-think – and re-experience – presence. At the center of these students’ education is their Professor, played by seminal queer theorist and writer Judith Butler.