Ashley R.T. Yergens


Live Arts Studios
JUNE 13-15, 8PM
June 14 Stay Late Discussion

CART captioning and audio description available for the June 15th performance

SURROGATE dives into transmasculine experiences surrounding pregnancy and in vitro fertilization (IVF) while exploring the parallels between a choreographer living through others’ bodies and an intended parent birthing through another’s. With today’s critical conversations around trans perspectives, SURROGATE offers a complicated, absurdist take, highlighting the complexities of modern society. Structurally adjacent to nightlife cabaret, the performance confronts the surrogacy process and scrolling the algorithm through the container of dance with text, at times, built directly from real comments on social media. Yergens is joined by collaborators and performers Maddie Schimmel, Justin Faircloth, Nicola Gorham, and Mur in this intimate and partially auto-biographical invitation. Lighting design is by Jennifer Fok.

SURROGATE explores themes of surrogacy, abortion, and death. The performance includes fog, haze, strobe-like effects, loud sounds, and fake blood. Attendees who may be sensitive to these elements, please take note.