Marija Krtolica

Marija Krtolica


Dance-theater work “Re-Inventing love” revolves around amorous relationships during a socio-economic crisis. The starting point is love as a truth procedure through which we can get to know ourselves, and construct long lasting connections. To create an embodied poetics the dance work sources from the writing of the philosopher Alain Badiou; avant-garde music of Luigi Nono; and surrealist poetry. It combines dramatic pathos, irony & beauty of the urban existence, and bold kinetic expression into startling scenes. The choreographer Marija Krtolica collaborates with the performers Julie Fotheringham, Michael Mangieri, Dustin Maxwell, guitar player Jason Ciaccio, costume designer Yanis Grief, and graphic designer Alex Anđić.

Upcoming Performances:

Sat. 11th & Tue. 21st of Sep. 2021 (excerpts) at the ?! : New Works

The Brick Theater (579 Metropolitan Av, Williamsburg, Brkl.)

Fri. 26 & Sat. 27th of Nov. 2021 (evening long) The Brick Theater

June 3rd and 4th 2022 at THE PLAYERS THEATER

Friday and Saturday at 6:30 p.m.


GET TICKETS (closer to the performance date):


In person: The Players Theatre (one block from West 4th Subway)

115 MacDougal St.

New York, NY 10012

By phone: 646-248-1077 (Marija)



In my work, intense, personal emotion attempts to escape its immediate physical environment, thus inducing uncanny sense of displacement. Surreal landscapes produced through juxtaposition of physical memory, fantasy, and projections on to the objects of perception, are materialized through distortion, movement in space initiated from the periphery, uneven rhythmical structures, and asymmetrical staging of bodies and objects. The aim of these structured choreographic experiments with forms and interpretational webs arising from the investigation of these forms, is to expose two types of ruptures: in communication, and in the  existential grasping on the instinctual drives. Implicitly, as an artist, I am challenging the positioning of a political subject in the world today, and exposing gaps in memory- symptomatic of multiple shifts taking place outside as well as inside designated performance spaces. The poetic flights, away from literal meaning, are induced through the embodiment of poetic tropes such as hyperbole, personification, and anaphora. These painfully ironic acts of abstracting past preserved in a particular corporeal memory are bound to the questions concerning: collective historical awareness, relationship between body and labor and, most directly, views on normal and pathological in the contemporary society.

Marija Krtolica (b.1973, Belgrade) is a movement artist, performer, dance scholar, teacher, and writer in the field of performance theory. Since 1990s, she has created numerous dance-theatre works, and performed in the alternative venues, artistic residencies, and at festivals nationally and internationally.  Marija holds PhD in dance from Temple University (2018), MA in Performance Studies from NYU (2010), MFA in choreography from UC Davis (2008), and BFA in dance from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU (1996). She is to committed to an interdisciplinary dialogue, and discovery of connections between esthetics, ethics, and artistic practices. She has worked with the written text, live soundscapes, and visual landscapes. In the recent years, Marija has been researching the dynamics of embodied existence within modernity in relationship to institutions, psychoanalysis, and the origins of modernist expression in the arts. These themes penetrate her performance work. Her work in the studio has been informed by a long-time study of yoga, and several schools of philosophy and psychoanalysis. Marija has completed a year-long Jivamukti Yoga teachers’ training (2000), and two levels of teachers’ training at Yoga Workshop in Boulder (2004).  She has taught dance history, yoga, dance technique, composition and improvisation in U.S. and Belgrade. Marija has presented, and published work that engages the questions of the unconscious, nineteenth century hysteria, dance expression, and symptom. Currently, Marija greatly enjoys teaching yoga to Brooklynites at Area Yoga, and learning more about bodies and minds in motion, stillness and in-between. She is currently involved in a collaborative project with Despina Stamos and Florence Benichou, entitled “Displaced herstory and persistence of bodily memory.” ( ). Marija lives in Dumbo, Brooklyn.