Having grown up at the foot of the Créac’h lighthouse where his father was a lighthouse keeper, Christian Dubet starts working as a lighthouse keeper before lighting up stages for theatre and dance.  Collaborations in contemporary dance include François Verret and Francesca Lattuada. 

In the field of circus, he is a regular collaborator with the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in Châlons (France) and also worked with Mathurin Bolze – Cie MPTA. On the theatre scene, his lights met directors such as Jean-Yves Ruf, Thierry Roisin, Mélanie Leray, Jean-Pierre Larroche, Nicolas Klotz, Marc François, Robert Cantarella and Pierre Meunier… 

A visual artist, Christian Dubet created several personal and collective installations. Other fields of exploration include opera, music and architecture. In 2004, he co-founded with visual artist Vincent Fortemps, composer Alain Mahé and videographer Gaëtan Besnard the Cinémécanique company.

Dorothée Munyaneza