Fred Astaire Midtown Dance Studios

Around the World

New York Live Arts Theater
Feb 24 at 7 PM
$50 VIP / $40 Regular Seating

Whether you’re from Down Under, the Cradle of Civilization, the Motherland, or just Below the Border, you’re welcome to attend our newest and most illustrious dance performance ever!
Hop “over the pond” to the magnificent New York Live Arts theatre and prepare to be amazed by a host of incredibly talented dancers showing off what they’ve been working so hard to prepare.

All the practice will finally pay off when the lights go down and the music begins, and then everything else will fade away until only the dancing remains… followed by the roar of the crowd cheering with appreciation and applause!

This is #MidtownMadness at its most refined essence, the process of sweat becoming beauty, you can take the #FirstStepRightStep at #FredAstaireNYMidtown just call 212-697-6535 for more information, speak to your instructor to sign up, or come to the front desk and purchase tickets.

Bring some friends and prepare to witness the entire spectrum of international inspiration! Get ready to feel a grand variety of emotions from every corner of the globe, whether flat disc or planetary sphere.