By the People?

APR 21, 3:15PM

@New York Live Arts Studios

Tickets start at $10

By the People?


Are free and open elections at odds with the democratic process? In the face of gerrymandering, voter suppression, campaign finance abuse, election tampering, and a disillusioned electorate, is now the time to reinvigorate our electoral system, or get rid of it?  What are the alternatives? Join us for a talk with Alexander Guerrero  and Belgian writer David Van Reybrouck, who suggest we abandon the traditional methods and use lotteries to select our officials. Roger Berkowitz, co-curator and director of the Hannah Arendt Center, will moderate this discussion as we explore how Sortition and Lottocracy may actually work.

Alexander Guerrero | Associate Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University

David Van Reybrouck | Author, Against Elections: The Case for Democracy