In/Between 2023: Lush Friction

New York Live Arts Lobby
Free with RSVP

NYFA Immigrant Artist Exhibition
Daily viewing hours from 10am-9pm

This year’s exhibit features work by David Benjamin, Jin-Yong Choi, Katerina Ganchak, Laura Garcia Serventi, Emilija Gašić, Isabel Hamdan, Bipasha Hayat, Hsiao-Chu (Julia) Hsia, Pilar Lagos, Yi Hsuan Lai, Carlos Morales, Himeka Murai, Xinan Helen Ran, Linda Sok, Johanna Strobel, Hong Wu, Chen Xiangyun, and Despina Zografos.

More info on the artist behind the works can be found here.


Yanira Castro

Martita Abril

Zahra Banyamerian

Statement from curators Martita Abril, Zahra Banyamerian and Yanira Castro.
Each year, the body of work showcased in In/Between takes on a collective vision. In selecting and bringing this work together from New York Foundation for the Arts’ 2023 immigrant artist cohort—nineteen artists from nineteen countries covering four continents—we hope to highlight a diversity of forms, mediums, materials, backgrounds, identities. Our title for this year’s exhibition, Lush Friction, is our response to overarching themes we experience in the works of this year’s cohort—use of sumptuous imagery, and conflicting conversations on memory, fiction, desire, alienation, authoritarianism, and interconnectedness. Lush Friction re-interprets in-betweenness as non-fictional/fictional reminiscence, considering the complexity of our shared experiences of (un)belonging, the resistance to being defined by border crossing, and the continual quest for community.

Initiated in 2019 by artist Yanira Castro as part of her Live Feed residency at New York Live Arts, In/Between is an annual immigrant artist group exhibition originally created by artists Yanira Castro, Martita Abril, and Poppy DeltaDawn. This year’s exhibition is curated by Castro, Abril, and Zahra Banyamerian. It is developed in partnership with New York Live Arts and NYFA’s Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program, with a commitment to increasing the visibility of, and conversation around the work of immigrant artists. The name In/Between reflects on the multiplicity of immigrant artists’ experiences, identities, practices, and politics, while also speaking to the liminal experience of home/residence/community.