Colleen Thomas

Light and Desire (Live Artery In-Progress)

New York Live Arts Studios
Jan 12th at 2 pm
40 minutes
Tickets start at $10

Presenters RSVP here.
Colleen Thomas will show two small works- Diane. Still. and a collaboration with Adriane Fang titled, Wake Up! Also on the program is an excerpt from light and desire where Thomas joins five women artists from Venezuela (Carla Forte), Hungary/Germany (Ildiko Toth), Poland (Joanna Lesnierowska), Albania/ Greece (Ermira Goro), and North America (Rosalynde LeBlanc), taking a personal and universal look at how women artists cope under oppressive and manipulative power structures. This feminist collective looks at the many moments of transition and asks how women hold, embody and express power. The world premiere performances will take place at New York Live Arts in New York City from March 25-28, 2020, in homage to Women’s Month and the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Premieres March 2020 at New York Live Arts

light and desire is supported by The Trust for Mutual Understanding.