Live Ideas 2021 – Installations

Grand Opening – May 11
on view
May 11-15
Live Arts Lobby, Theater, Studios
daily hours specific to location please see below
Free w/ RSVP

The festival kicks off May 11 at 7:00pm for the public in-person opening of three visual installations available and free to view, daily hours below.
Grand Opening – May 11
Jasmine Murrell: Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another located in Live Arts Theater and Lobby
3LD & Renegade Performance Group: Drexciya Redux located in Live Arts Studio
Ari Melenciano: Baïlaurâ located in Live Arts Lobby Vestibule street-facing window

Jasmine Murrell:
Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another
Live Arts Theater and Lobby
Open to public daily May 11-15
Theater Hours: May 11-12 7pm-10pm, May 15 2pm-8pm
Lobby Hours: May 11-14 3pm-10pm, May 15 2pm-8pm
The interactive installation includes material organically embedded with a layered socio-cultural significance which encourages a transformative experience through ancient memory. Soil as a medium to conjure up modern and ancient interspecies communication as a method for healing and analyzing our humane purpose. The Possibility of building a space where all life matters in the present, past, and future. Lobby installation runs thru June 11.

3LD & Renegade Performance Group: Drexciya Redux
Hours: May 11 7pm-10pm, May 13-14 3pm-7pm, May 15 2pm-8pm
The 3rd floor studio transforms into a digitally immersive experience of projection mapping and sound design based on the mythological realm of Drexciya through interdisciplinary performances and queer interruptions by an intergenerational contingent of Black artists activating the possibility of a new world.

Ari Melenciano: Baïlaurâ

Live Arts Lobby Vestibule street-facing window
Open to public and free through June 2021
Baïlaurâ considers frequency in four dimensions: sound, auratic energy, kinetic energy and a quantization of the subconscious. Designed with computer vision, machine learning and modular synthesis, bodily movements engage with the algorithms to explore new forms of electronic ritual and divination, and the relationship between sound and dance. In its simplest essence, movement in response to the synthesized soundscapes is converted into data and interpreted into a visual language for the viewer to decipher. This hands free interactive version is created specially for people passing in front of the vestibule at Live Arts simplifies the experience to create a visual representation of movements through patterns and colors. The full version of Baïlaurâ is an expanded  web experience that can be played with on your own browser at home. Baïlaurâ is a commissioned by New York Live Arts Live Feed Residency Program.

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Jasmine Murrell
Renegade Performance Group
Ari Melenciano

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